Saturday, June 25, 2011

Climbing A Tree After How Many Years

I just want to share something happened to me last Sunday. When I was a kid I love climbing the trees. It's very nice when you're at the top, right? The kids before and the kids right now are very different. Playing the streets and climbing the trees were those of the things we enjoyed to do with our playmates.

Last Sunday, my aunt asked me to go with her to take snapshots of their lot which is for sale here in Naga, Cebu.  You can check the album on my Facebook account LOT FOR SALE.  The lot has several plants and trees planted so I decided to climb a tree for an aerial shot.

This is the mango tree.

After how many years, it was a comeback for me to climb a tree.  My legs are not that practiced anymore to climb unlike when I was a kid.  When I was at the top, I was kind of scared because of the camera might fell down.

Before taking a snapshot of some areas of the lot, I took some pictures of myself.  Hehehe!

Pose up in the tree

It was a nice experience again.  I just remember my childhood days when we used to climb and get some fruits of the tree.  Those memories are priceless.

How was your experience during your childhood days on climbing trees? Share some and let's reminisce our childhood days.

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