Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Friend's Wedding

Today is a special day for my friend Jeaneth and she is now happily married to RJ, such a lovely couple.  Jeaneth was my schoolmate in college and RJ was my schoolmate in elementary.  They have been together since high school.
Outdoor wedding photography, click image above
I so love the picture above.  They are really a lovely couple.  You can check my photography blog and it's my first time for a wedding photography.  I am just using my Olympus digital camera.

Using zoom but it's blurred
The only clear picture I have inside the church
College friends going to the reception

The reception
Me with the bridal car
The picture is blurred but guess who got the bouquet?
I need to explain this because I DID NEVER CATCH the bouquet by myself.  There were 12 ladies and instead of throwing the bouquet to us, they counted how many participants.  They threw 12 flowers for us to get a single flower.  Whoever could not catch one will have the bouquet.  Being at the back, it was unfortunate for me to get one.  Good thing, one of the bridesmaids gave a flower to me because she got two.

So each of us had a flower but someone declared that whoever gets the shortest flower will have the bouquet.  Unfortunately, I had the shortest flower. OMG!

I was really nervous that I just joked around and told some friends to take a picture of me with the bride and the bouquet.  Ha ha ha! I told the bride, "Day, ako na jud sunod kaslonon ani... (Girl, I'm the next one to get married...)"

Blurred - Hiding my face behind the bouquet
While on my seat, I just said, "Patay jud kos akong uyab ani... (I'm dead to my boyfriend...)"

Oh, the lucky guy got the garter! Ha ha ha! JK!

Together with the newlyweds!
Opening of the gifts
The wedding giveaway
Their baby, Mheryan Saivale and she was sleepy
To end this post, the photo shoots of the girls.  Thanks to Julimat Navares for taking our shots.
We're going home and we need some photo shoots

Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss World or Miss Universe?
Congratulations to Jeaneth and RJ!!! ^_____^ More babies to come... Aja!

Wedding photography
Facebook album

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