Monday, January 09, 2012

Hukad sa Golden Cowrie at Ayala Center, Cebu

Going to Hukad sa Golden Cowrie with Arcel and Jacqui was unplanned because our first plan was to go to an eat-all-you-can restaurant.  Well, I was really late for an hour at 2 PM. It's better late than never, you know. He he he!

We never thought that there are some restaurants have their own schedule for lunch and dinner to be followed. Unlike with Joven's Grill, my friend and I were there during snack time until dinner.  We had no choice so I decided that we should go to Ayala and they agreed.  Anyway, every time we see each other Ayala Center Cebu is our official hangout three-gether. :D

We arrived at the Ayala Terraces and we were surrounded by expensive restaurants.  I am a very finicky eater and I don't want to waste my money on spending foods I can't eat at all.  Filipino foods had been on our mind so we chose Hukad sa Golden Cowrie.  Actually that was my first time there.

Captured our reflection on the mirror while waiting for our order

The plate with banana leaf

Roxanne's order: Humba
I love their Humba and we enjoyed eating this.
Arcel's order: I forgot the name O_o
It's delicious though I forgot the name.

Jacqui's order: Beef Kare-kare
Arcel and Jacqui both enjoyed this dish.  I am the only one who is really ignorant about Kare-kare.  There is peanut butter with this dish.  Honestly, I don't like the taste because it's bitter.  Well, I am not really fond of bitter.  Anyway, there is a sauce for this that is what we call 'Hipon' or shrimps.  I forgot to take the picture.  Please correct me if I'm wrong. He he! Still I'm allergic to shrimps and I am not allowed to eat.

We need soup, Sinigang na Baboy
Oh I just love the 'tamang asim' or right sour of the soup.  So far, I enjoyed the pork meat and sea shell food dishes.  We were there beyond snack time until dinner.  Take note, Hukad sa Golden Cowrie has unlimited rice so enjoy the food while you can.  I realized it's the second expensive restaurant I've been to in December (the first expensive restaurant is here).

The bonding moments we had is not yet done here because I will post the sequel of the story on the next blog post.

I must say, going to Hukad sa Golden Cowrie is very great if you're in a group of friends or family.  What's your food experience in Hukad sa Golden Cowrie?

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