Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hanging Out in Starbucks at Ayala Center Cebu

This is the sequel of our bonding moments with my girl friends during last week of December 2011, previous post here.

A lot of people hang out around Starbucks but I am different.  In fact, it was my first time to purchase some drink in Starbucks.  I am not really fond of coffee though.  It's undeniable that foods and drinks are also expensive here.  I won't waste my money for a single cup of coffee. Ha ha ha! I'm just being thrifty and practical.

Anyway, the month of December was the time to feel good about myself and I purchased this drink for dessert.  Oh, well I forgot the name but it's chocolate. Thanks for the suggestion Jacqui.

Trivia: First time mag Starbucks
Taken from my android phone

Taken from my android phone

Love the chocolate cake, or whatever it is...

My drink, chocolate whatever

Arcel with her netbook

Jacqui with her android phone

Basically, the three of us went there for a free Wi-Fi

We just finished our day in Starbucks.  We were so silent on our seat updating our Facebook profile and checking our e-mails.  Ha ha ha! For being so talkative and noisy three-gether, wi-fi will keep us in silent mode.


  1. The drink was Chocolate Chip.

    " For being so talkative and noisy three-gether, wi-fi will keep us in silent mode."

    Totally agree with this. Hope magka bond napud ta soon.

  2. @haku ravensdale: lage! hehehe may man mo sige mo kuyog arcel. hehehe! :D



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