Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Da Vinci Pizza with Adam

Last Monday on January 23, 2012, I visited Adam because he was injured.  I am thankful to God that nothing worst happened to him.  He told me not to take any pictures of him.  We just went to Gaisano Tabunok and roam around.  I was hungry and that we should eat.  So, another food trip in Da Vinci Pizza.

Of course, it is my habit to take some snapshots when our orders was not yet on our table.

Inside Da Vinci Pizza

Solo pic of mine

Huge face here

The plate

Hawaiian Delight 9" for P98

Pasta Da Vinci for P78
Again I love something unlimited and we had bottomless iced tea.  Well, I only ordered one glass of iced tea and the rest is bottomless so we just shared the drink.  Ha ha ha! Wise move eh? LOL

Since pizza and pasta are carbohydrates, Adam and I were so full that night.  I was having a hard time standing or walking because of my protruding tummy.  He told me not to seat for that would be the reason for having 'bil-bil' or big belly. I was very thankful that night for it was like we had a feast.

I told Adam about my urge of eating a lot every time we roam or going somewhere away from home.  He asked me jokingly, "Are you preggy or piggy?" 

Of course, I answered piggy and we both laughed.  I kept on saying buyag, buyag, buyag! I told Adam to stop for a while and stand by beside the mall.  I was just waiting for myself to burp.  Oh, at last I burped two to three times.  Ha ha ha and I was thankful again.

So what's your food experience in Da Vinci Pizza?

*photos taken from my android phone

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