Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Hungry Juan at Mango Avenue

Waaah this is a very late blog post. Adam and I went to uptown area to send my printer to a shop for repair during the first week of December.   Since we could not get the printer on the same day we decided to roam around Mango Avenue and looked for something to eat.

We searched for a cheaper meal but pork as a viand.  Then we found Hungry Juan for a try.  It was our first time. So here are the snapshots.

Hungry Juan, while waiting for our orders

HJ's rice meal Roast Liempo worth P69

HJ's rice meal Pork Sisig worth P69
Our rice meals have side dishes with atsara and salted egg.  The meal is really affordable but you need extra rice if you're a person with big appetite.

So what's your dining experience in Hungry Juan?

*photos taken from my android phone

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