Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to Get to Caubian Island?

This blog post is a guide on how to get to Caubian Island.  I hope this could help for the people who plan to travel there.

1.  If you're in Cebu City, just take a ride 01K bound for Parkmall/Cebu Doctor's University.  Just drop by at Cebu Doctor's University then there are several PUJ's or multicabs that are bound for Hi-Way Mandaue.

2.  At Hi-Way Mandaue, look for a PUJ that goes to Punta EngaƱo.  Make sure to tell the driver that your destination is at Hilton Dock or hotel.  Actually, the hotel is now called Moevenpick.

Moevenpick Hotel
3. At Hilton Dock, there are people who will shout for Caubian Island.  You need to pay the terminal fee and Banca or Pump Boat fee will cost you P70-P100.  Since the day we went there was a peak season because of the fiesta, we paid P100.

Bonus tips:
a.  Make sure you're phones are fully charged or bring extra batteries because the island does not have their own electricity although they use generator.

b. Bring drinking water for it is scarce there.  In taking a bath, you can't enjoy the water like what we do in the mainland.

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  1. There is no photos included taken from caubian Island.



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