Wednesday, February 08, 2012

So Busy with my Graphic Pen and Tablet

I purchased my Easy Pen i405 graphic tablet last August 2011 and I've been using this every time I go to Adobe Photoshop for editing pictures and some drawings.  Being a self-proclaimed artist (ha ha ha), I only have few drawings using the tablet.  LOL so sorry for being a noob.

I will let you take a peek of my line arts and with some colors of it from the latest to the first attempt.

Lee Min Ho, I did this last night - February 2012
It is one of the clearest picture of Korean Actor Lee Min Ho.  Important is to get his eyes same as the picture.

City Hunter, first attempt of Lee Min Ho - February 2012
I had trouble with this drawing especially with his eyes.  That is why looked for a clearer picture of Lee Min Ho seen above.

Maria Ozawa, a Japanese p*rn star - February 2012
My second attempt of a girl.  I decided to make some line art of her because she is very famous for the boys out there.  Also, she has a beautiful face and to check if I could draw her same like the original picture.  Again, eyes are very important.

Bikini girl, first attempt of line art - January 2012
I decided to look for a sexy girl to draw. Too bad, I didn't get her face same as the picture. So it was better for me to look for another one with a clear face then I got Maria Ozawa.

AdamRox - first attempt with color - January 2012
When I lost my internet connection, I drew this one without caring the line art.  I got excited with the coloring but happy to see that it looked like us.  As my critique said, a professional cartoonist, still I need to improve my line art.  That was the reason I made those line arts above for practice.  Anyway, I also printed for personalized t-shirt.  You can check this at Fotografi Rox.

Very first attempt of myself - August 2011
I used a pen tool so the lines were kind of ugly.  The nose was too big, he he he! Anyway, not bad for a first timer though.  I printed this for personalized or customized mug at Fotografi Rox.

First of all first attempts, using a pencil tool - July 2011
By the time I purchased my graphic pen and tablet, I tested myself for a drawing.  I don't know this guy.  I just saw this from a flyer of a cable product.

Any experience using the graphic pen and tablet?

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