Wednesday, August 03, 2011

My New Toy - Easy Pen i405 Graphic Tablet

I am a frustrated artist.  Hmm, I don't like the word.  It's very negative because it's like I am a trying-hard artist.  Is it okay to say I am a self-proclaimed artist? Hahahaha! Yes, I am a self-proclaimed artist.  So what? Anyone can be an artist by heart.

I have a blog which entitled The Left-Handed Artist with a last update of October 2010.  I haven't updated the blog ever since because I was so busy among other things.  Maybe this year I will try.  I hope to share my artworks on that blog.

Last July 22, 2011, my boyfriend and I went to SM City Cebu at Cyberzone.  I bought this Easy Pen i405 Graphic Tablet by Genius.  Since I am just a novice with digital art, this tablet is for me who goes for practice.

I was convinced to buy this one since I have friends who are into this thing.  They have this for fun and the best is for a living.  I am also into Adobe Photoshop and this is really a great help.  I feel like I am having an injury every time I use the mouse for drawing.  It is really tiring.

I am still on practice mode right now since I am not yet familiar in using the pen.  Okay, I will try uploading a picture for my first drawing using the pen and tablet at the end of this post.

Unboxing time

so noobs! hahaha!
So what's your graphic tablet? It would be nice to learn from other artists on the web.

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