Thursday, August 04, 2011

Happy 4th Year Anniversary AdamRox

We've been through ups and downs in our relationship.  We even had our break-up for five to six months.  Now, we are still together because we can't resist each other.  He is my first boyfriend, my first relationship and hoping to last longer.  I am so lucky that I never experienced being fooled by a guy.  He knows that I am worth to love for I am a person who sticks in a relationship.  We love being in a long relationship.

Our love story is not a fairy tale.  We are not the typical lovers who celebrate our anniversary with lavishing gifts.  We enjoy simple things like food, biking, not-so-long travels, watching movies, and the beach.


watching movie

travel and the beach

We are opposite in nature (obviously he is a boy and I'm a girl).  Seriously, I'm talkative and he's the silent type.  I'm hot and he is cool but sometimes I'm cool and he's hot.  He even said that we are like the Yin and the Yang.

We never thought how time flies so fast.  We were both 18 when we first met.  It was really funny because I stared at him from head to foot.  There's a reason why it happened.  Here goes Harry Potter, my friend was late that day so we ended up watching the movie together.  It wasn't a date in the first place.

Then there was this getting to know stage then led to mutual feelings.  After that we decided to make it official and the rest is history. ♥ ♥ ♥

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