Monday, August 01, 2011

First Time in Toledo, Cebu

My previous post mentioned that I was in Toledo, Cebu.  Now, I'll just share my experience there.  Yes, it's my first time in Toledo with my mom.  Toledo is next to Naga on the west side.  I never thought that it is an hour travel just like traveling from Naga to Cebu City.  Also the fare is very expensive because it's PhP40.00 from Naga to Toledo while it's PhP25.00 from Naga to Cebu City.

We never went to the main city but in Sangi, Toledo City, Cebu.  My mom and I could see how huge the area is and it's a city surrounded by mountains.  By the way, we rode on a bus going to Balamban.  We were not very familiar with the place so we asked help from a konduktor (someone who collects our money for the fare.). The purpose of going there was to meet someone.

We decided to meet that someone here in the newly opened Gaisano Grand Mall Toledo.

Gaisano Grand Mall Toledo - front

Gaisano Grand Mall Toledo - right side facing East

We bought these three charms for 100 pesos each.  For mom, I and my sis.

Pampaswerte Rituals

Health, Money and Love
We bought the charms for handumanan or souvenirs in Toledo.  It was really a regret that we never had the chance to roam around Toledo because the person we met gave us bunch of pineapples in a huge plastic bag.  I just wonder if I could get back to Toledo someday but will see.

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