Friday, August 19, 2011

My Boyfriend Is Into Planking

I really envy my boyfriend when two days ago, he uploaded a picture of him PLANKING.  I was the one who invited him to do such stuff but we had no chance to do it.  For me, I am still looking for a cool place to do such.  Well, it is really boring if I just do it at home because it is too common.

Planking at Work
His working schedule is at night shift.  He told me that his workmate capture this for him.  They did this for fun and to get rid of getting sleepy.  A nice way to have fun at work.

Planking or lying down game is an activity which a person is lying face down in an unusual location.  

Can't wait to have my own planking activity.  Have you done yours? Share your experience on planking. ^_______^

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