Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Caubian Island Trip with Friends

Happy Summer to All!

Last Friday night of February 24, 2012, Tata sent a private message about the Caubian Island trip for a reminder.  I thought that it would be cancelled because she never gave us the reminder ahead of time although we already talked about this with Jan on early February.  Jan almost forgot about it because she was really busy with her online job.

Tata invited us because she has relatives there and perfect timing that it was a fiesta.  She went ahead of us on the 25th so Jan and I decided that we should go on the next day in order for us to finish our tasks online.  I just asked Tata for the instructions on how to get to Caubian Island.

Here are some of the pictures we have:

Two islands of Caubian: private on the left, public on the right
The island at the right was our destination.  It is where people are living now.  This island is a small barangay and they were celebrating their festival Sto. NiƱo de Caubian.  Tata said that most of the people living here are her relatives.  The island is very small and in 20-30 minutes you can tour the whole place.

The tourists: Jan and Rox
Another tourist, Adam
An island full of houses
If you see this island like on the picture above, then you're almost near to Caubian island.  As what I've said, a lot of people are living on the small island.

Arrived, finally!
Tata was waiting for us when we arrived because I always sent her a message about our updates.  I was expecting for a band to welcome us. Hahaha, just kidding! Anyway, we went straight to the house of their relatives and had our lunch there.  After that, we went to the other island, the one which was on the left side. It is a private beach resort managed by a foreigner, I guess a Korean.

They call this Caubian island Dako or Big

Well-developed Caubian Dako
Too bad, we did not have the chance to tour the whole island.  We just enjoyed swimming on the area where there was a sand bar.

We had a swim here
Here is Tata
Lovers in La Isla Bonita
The girls in Temptation Island haha!
Amber and Jan, Tagay session at the beach while listening to Adam's recipe
They were drinking 1 Litro of Beer na Beer courtesy by yours truly.  I don't drink so I just enjoyed watching and talking with them.  I only have water with me.  We were outside of the house while Tata was sound asleep.  Also, the area was very noisy because in front of the house was where the disco located.  After Beer na Beer, here came Boracay rhum so we just continued the drinking or tagay session at the beach while having star gazing to unwind.
Adam's red face and Rox's sleepy face
Macro shot of the star fish
In the morning, we only had few hours of sleep so Tata brought us to the seashore and we just took our pictures there.
Adam, Rox and Tata
Rox, Jan and Tata
The Caubian Island trip was a unique experience for me.  I didn't bring my netbook, chargers of my cellphones and batteries because Tata told me there is no electricity in the island but they only have generators.  I was away from the internet world for a day. Scarcity of water at it's finest so after swimming at the beach, four people were sharing only ONE bucket of water.  For the drinking water, they have mineral water which they have to order it from the mainland Cebu.

Well, the post will not end here yet.  I still have lots of things to post about the trip so watch out for it. :)

So what is your experience in Caubian Island?


  1. bakit ana ang beach parang daghang grass

    1. I don't know. Natural na po yan, blame mother nature. hehehe



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