Thursday, December 29, 2011

Joven's Grill - Eat All You Can Trip with Jan

I forgot the date when was the time we went to Joven's Grill but I uploaded the pictures on my Facebook on December 14, 2011.  But I won't forget the time we went there.  It was 3:30 PM.  Before that, I went to a print shoppe to get my printer.  I already told Jan that we should meet inside the quick service restaurant but she invited me for an eat-all-you-can.

As natural as we are, we are really crazy on Facebook and in person.  We laughed out loud and talking a lot of things.  We don't care the people around us if they can hear us roaring with laughter as if we are (literally) huge but all they can see are cute and pretty girls. :P

We arrived at Joven's Grill with poise.  We were the only two customers at that time. It was already past snack time but Jan really wanted to eat rice.  She was really that hungry.  Of course, I enjoyed the opportunity since it was for free. Hahaha!

Pictures taken from android phone

Jan with her plate
The background, still BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL afternoon
The buffet table, oh my printer! hehe

Sweet and Sour pork
SSB or Sakit Sa Baboy - getting sleepy when tummy is full

Jan's plate

The background - it's dark already LOL

solo picture with the printer

We ended up eating sometime at 5:45PM.  Can you imagine how many hours we ate there? That was two hours and 15 minutes.  From snack to dinner time, ha ha ha!  I say SULIT!

Name of Restaurant: Joven's Grill
click map
Price: Very affordable for PhP180 per person
Contact no.: (032) 256 1772 *please confirm if this is correct*

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