Thursday, December 01, 2011

Hello December with Maroon 5

A lot of things happened before November ended.  Indeed I had a great time with friends and new acquaintances.  So far, 2011 has been also a good year to me and I have been receiving and still receiving a lot of blessings.  Yes, I am counting my blessings and ignore the haters.  I am doing well with my online job. I started a little business and other investments.  I have a blooming love life.  I know life isn't perfect but I am having a great time.

24 days to go and it's already Christmas.  I am really busy with the orders for Fotografi Rox, my home-based business.  I am also busy with my online job so I am really torn between them and that is why I am only working part-time right now.  I am already missing blogging right now that is why I found the time to blog.

Adam <3 Anne during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
I am just listening to Maroon 5 and Adam Levine inspires me so much.  Yes, they have the same name with my boyfriend.  It's funny that Adam Levine's girlfriend is named Anne Vyalitsyna, a Victoria's Secret Angel, so I decided to change my name on Facebook from Roxanne to Anne.  Well, somebody called me Anne before but it was too girly but from now on, I am Anne. Hahaha!

I've been watching the video again and again because the couple, Adam and Anne, look good together.  They are so cute. <3 <3 <3 Anne was also in the music videos Misery and Never Gonna Leave This Bed.

By the way, before I met my boyfriend, Adam, I've been a Maroon 5 fan since This Love aired on radio and MTV.  Also I've been addicted to the front man Adam Levine.

Well, are you a Maroon 5 fan?

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