Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Improvement of Fotografi Rox Home-Based Office

Yesterday, I was busy rearranging and cleaning Fotografirox's business office at home.  I told my mother about some changes for the improvement and she supported it.  I call it mini-office because of the small space I have. I had this brainstorming these past few days of the new arrangement of the office.

The Glass Window - the new improvement of Fotografi Rox

To save money, I used anything I found in the house like what you can see under the keyboard.  That is an old small seat made of wood.  If you could see where I put my CPU/System Unit and the two printers, this was originally placed in our kitchen.

Our old TV divider/rack still in good use.  I use it as a display area.  Yes I have a show window already.  I converted the window screen into glass.

Outside of the window glass
To save money for your glass window, the carpenter suggested that we should not use aluminum for the sidings.  That was the reason it was very expensive.  Since our store is not totally concrete, he used woods as a frame for the glass window.

Hehe, is this a weird set-up?
The one we used for putting the system unit and the printers is such a good help for it is such a space saver. I have plans on my mind right now and one thing is lacking is to implement it.  One thing I have in mind right now is to buy a CPU/System Unit or a laptop? I still have to check my budget though. ^_^

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