Saturday, November 19, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Y - A Birthday Gift for Myself

Oh at last, my gift just arrived this afternoon.  This was supposed to be an advance birthday gift but it is just today I have it.  Anyway, it was a long story.  I received a package from Globe delivered by Air21.  I am now subscribing for postpaid plan for P499 a month and Samsung Galaxy Y is for free.  It has 24 months lock-in.

Globelines customer service called my mom for this offer since we are a Globelines landline with broadband subscriber under my mom's name.  The only requirement is to have my mom's photocopy of her ID.  They offer this as a bundle with her existing subscription (landline + broadband + postpaid mobile plan).  Good thing I don't need to buy another micro-SD card for it is free in the package.

Even though I can afford myself to buy this with a market price of PhP5,990, I'm using my frugality in here.  How? Instead of acquiring this for straight cash, I will use the money for an investment which my money grows every month.  With a postpaid plan, I'm paying this every month.  It's like I'm paying for installment.  Okay, whatever it is, I know what I'm doing. He he he!

After how many years, my phone is already upgraded.  If you know the story of my first phone of four years and suddenly bought a second phone last September, because of frugality (again) it was never my intention to buy an expensive phone.  But I realized that I need to upgrade because it is really needed with my job working as online freelancer. This phone is an asset and  I could use this as my organizer.

We already knew that Samsung is a strong brand.  It was really my dream for having Samsung as my smartphone with Android as an OS.  I know it is also a very expensive brand.  Before I buy something expensive I make sure to do some research if it fits my needs.  When Samsung Galaxy Y introduced here in the Philippines, I was amazed on how affordable the mobile phone is.  My budget is in the range of 5K to 6K.  The specifications and features of Samsung Galaxy Y are very great and you can check it here.

I just created a mobile blog entitled Samsung Galaxy Y Blog where I can post straight from my android phone.

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