Friday, November 25, 2011

Angry Birds Hat at IT Park

Last November 20, 2011, I attended a Money Magnet Seminar by John Calub.  It was a whole day event and met my college friends.  It was also my boyfriend's day off so I just let him sleep the whole day because he was tired from work.

He already told me that we should meet after the seminar just inside SM City then we had our dinner together at Dimsum Break.
taken from my android phone

taken from my android
He got this Pooh bear stuffed toy while playing at World of Fun.  I just have to comment with the photos above, it was taken from an android phone with 2MP and I say the picture has good quality. :D

After our dinner, we really wanted to go home but it was impossible for us to ride a 10H or 10M jeepneys because of several passengers.   We decided to go to IT Park.  I really missed this place.  A lot of people were there that night.  We saw this bazaar or marketplace and decided to take a look then we found this Angry Birds hat and decided to purchase one.

We were like kids strolling at The Walk with our Angry Birds hat


Kawaii pose?

Well, I'm just writing random post here on my personal blog. ^_^

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