Sunday, November 06, 2011

Value Kings At Chowking

Disclaimer:  This blog post is not sponsored by Chowking but if Chowking bosses will saw this blog post of mine, I hope you'll enjoy. He he he!

Before October, I realized I've been eating out a lot at Chowking for snacks.  I've been eating when I am with my mother or with my boyfriend.  I remember that last August, my mom and I went to the city.  We were hungry and went to Chowking.  We ordered siopao, wanton mami and siomai.  It was just a snack but we had a big burp then.

My boyfriend and I went to Tabunok and I requested for a snack.  Again, I went to Chowking.  Still, there is siopao, siomai, and this time with chicharap.  I was really hungry then and I was eating very fast.  My tummy was full.

During his birthday, I treated him to Chowking again.  We ordered siopao, siomai, chicharap, lumpia shanghai, and this time with pork chao fan.  It was really a feast for the both of us.  He was working night shift so before going to work, energy must be full.

While writing this post, I felt the urge of eating again even though I already ate a piece of bread flooded with condensed milk.

What's your all-time favorite meal in Chowking?

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