Thursday, October 06, 2011

Adamriv's 23rd Birthday

This is a very late post.  Since I got some pictures, I love to blog about it.  He was working on a night shift during his birthday week and he is living in a boarding house near to his workplace.  He decided to go home and spent his birthday even though he has no money to prepare foods for the occasion.  

They wrote it as 23th instead of 23rd.  Tsk tsk tsk!

I decided to gave him a birthday cake for a change.  In our four years of our relationship, it is my first time to give him a cake.  I asked the cake decorator to write 'Happy Birthday Adamriv! ♥ Mwuah Rox' but it's just now I noticed the 23th. LOL

with the Birthday celebrant

the Birthday celebrant and his best friend
Since it was almost 3PM, it was the time that he should prepare for work. Both of us took some stop-over at E-Mall and took some snack and dinner sometime at 5PM.

a Birthday treat for him

we were really hungry...

Belated Happy Birthday Adam! That's all folks! Whose next? Ahem! Ahem!

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