Saturday, October 22, 2011

Welcome October with Fireworks

If you are wondering, you can't find any fireworks with these pictures but actually, my boyfriend and I welcomed October with fireworks, literally.  Yes, it was because City of Naga, Cebu celebrated their annual fiesta on the 10th of October.

People showcased their motorbikes.

These pictures were on October 1.  My boyfriend and I went to the plaza for a dinner.  When we arrived at the plaza, it was perfect timing for us that colors were bursting above the sky, fireworks! It was like, "Oh, how romantic!" while we held each other's hands.  After that, we looked for a place to eat for there were a lot of people that time.  

Ian, Armando and sis Angeli

My sister and her high school friends found us so my boyfriend and I decided to join  with them.

Lovers in Baywalk

These two other guys are friends of Ian.
My sis took her shot of  Red Horse beer

I was the only person who never drink beer.  Good thing, I was bringing a cup of mango ice cream as my dessert after the dinner.  What happened during the fiesta of Naga? I never took pictures of that day but we enjoyed singing the karaoke.  My only visitor then was my boyfriend.  We were preparing like a small salo-salo.  That's all. ^___^

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