Wednesday, October 05, 2011

October is Here

This post should be published last night but the internet connection was f*ck*ng stupid last night.

It's already October but still I haven't announced yet the winners of my level-up anniversary giveaway.  My apologies because things got so busy lately.  My sponsors are also busy right now.  The announcement will get delayed but for sure there are still winners.

There are lots of things to blog about.  My pictures aren't uploaded yet and they are still on my digital camera.  I am blogging right now without pictures.  I could not make any scheduled posts.  It is just right now I am blogging a live post.

Okay, just so you know I am really busy with my online job and my home-based business.  My time is torn between these two.  My boyfriend is helping me with the orders he got from his workmates at work.  Sometimes my online job gets interrupted when students come over to print their pictures from Facebook.  It would be really nice to have an assistant for my home-based job so that he or she will take over the printing jobs and I can be more focused on my online job.

Well, as of now, I don't expect to receive the same (high) salary with my online job like few months ago.  Before, I could work for more than eight hours a day but now I couldn't.  I am so tired to work for more than eight hours.

I hate it when the internet connection f*ck* up.  It is also one of the reasons I seldom work for my online job.  Right now I am also experiencing internet connection failure.  Oh, GLOBELINES, what's happening?

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