Friday, November 04, 2011

The Pink Coffin of St. Peter Life Plan

After we visited the "puntod" of our loved ones we went home after.  The place we live is just a walking distance to the cemetery of Naga.  Before we went home, my sister found this pink coffin of St. Peter Life Plan and asked me to take pictures of her inside the coffin.  Previous post here.

The coffin is very cute because of it's color, pink.  I wonder if they have another color such as yellow, light blue, or purple?

Feeling close: this guy is from St. Peter Life Plan

The guy assisted us to open the door of the coffin.
He is always present.  I never dared myself going inside the coffin.

Say cheese!

Just took a pose outside with the coffin.

We got a calendar for 2012.

Take 2
Actually I am already a member of St. Peter Life Plan.  I have to pay the plan for 5 years.  I just only started this year.  Have you already got your life plan from St. Peter?

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