Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bob Hairstyle - Back With My Short Hair

After how many months of being a career woman (echus lang!), I decided to have a make-over.  I've been so losyang and I look so old with my long hair before.  My hair wasn't really taken cared of because in the morning I don't usually comb my hair unless I go somewhere else.  My hair was so boring with a ponytail.

On November 3 was my day-off.  Before that day, I already looked for a hairstyle on the internet.  I have a heart-shaped face so a Bob hairstyle is for me.

I went to Franzy Hair Salon in Tabunok, Cebu.  My hairstylist gave me a better suggestion for my hair.  Ateh (he or she?) gave me a hair treatment.  My hair was really dry.  I don't know if I could maintain for a hair treatment twice a month but I guess I should prefer buying my own hair treatment and do this at home.

Do you prefer long hair or short hair?  

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