Monday, December 05, 2011

Harbour City at SM City Cebu

As promised, here is my "feeling food blogger" post.  I have blogged several posts about food here and will be blogging more.

After the Visayas Blogging Summit event, my friends and I decided to take our dinner.  The event ended sometime at 8PM.  Actually we were already tired for waking up early but still we have the energy for our endless talks.  Jan decided to go home because her mom called her and she needed to buy something as requested by her mom.

Picture not mine, forgot to take for I was hungry already that time.

Essel, Manilyn and I looked for restaurants inside SM City Cebu.  It was a Saturday so as expected, there were lots of people that time.  We decided to go to Harbour City located at the Lower Ground Floor.  We had to wait because the tables were so full.  Fortunately, we were third on the reservation so we just waited for a while.  The attendant guided us to the empty table.

The cute waiter approached us to our table and took our order.  You don't have to worry for the prices are so affordable.  We ordered iced tea and coke for drinks, three pieces of siomai, three rice bowls and one chicken soup.  It's time eating by chopsticks.

Of course, we always don't forget taking snapshots inside the restaurant.  This was the time when we waited for our orders.

Manilyn and Roxanne

Roxanne and Essel
We had a great day that time.  We went home riding a KMK bus.  We decided to take a different seat from each other in order for us to had a nap. LOL

What's your food experience in Harbour City?


  1. What? No DISQUS? Well anyway, we loved Harbour City. It's where my brother used to work. During my childhood years, we used to go to SM after church then head on first to Harbour City with the whole family. Good old times. Harbour City is the mother company of Dimsum Break and Ding Qua Qua. If you're in for Authentic Chinese Food, without having to go crazy over a Mandarin menu, go for HC and DQQ. I also suggest Majestic.

  2. @hippo: haha wa nako butangeg DISQUS. oo mother company xa sa db and dqq. ni suggest ta ko nilang manilyn and essel nga mag majestic that night. hahahaha



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