Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Watching The Official Trailer of Hachiko: A Dog's Tale Made Me Cry

What more if I could watch the entire movie?

I already heard the title Hachiko: A Dog's Tale and I was not mistaken that the story came from Japan. Through Wikipedia, 'hachi' means eight and 'ko' means child. The breed of the dog is akita.

Also I heard people saying that the story is very nice but I was not interested watching movies at the time I heard it. Well, of course, I was busy with other things.

Last month, my partner, Adam, asked me if I've heard the movie. I told him yes and it was about a dog's story. He told me to watch it but unfortunately, they already returned it to the video rental.

Until now, I haven't seen the movie yet until I read something on Facebook about it so I just went to Youtube to look for the trailer. Oh, I was astonished that my favorite actor is starring, Richard Gere. So it made me lured to watch the movie. I just love Richard Gere!

The Offical Trailer

The movie ending

It seems that I am so late to watch the movie but better late than never. Have you watched the movie already?


  1. i know the story of hachiko, but i never knew there was a movie O_O must watch this one then :)

  2. Yes there is. This is the US version. There's the original movie I found in Youtube, the 1987 Japanese version. Too bad there's no subtitle for English. tsk tsk tsk

  3. hey there. dropping by. got your link from mai of bastaigatsikat.

  4. @ fetus: ngano hapet raman? hehehe! wa pa ko kita pero nihilak nako sa trailer... waaah. ahak eu. cute baya.

    @ jabberedonion: thanks for dropping by ^_^

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