Monday, June 07, 2010

That Was A Random Sunday

Yesterday, I had a date with my partner at SM City Cebu. We went to Cyberzone to check out latest gadgets (as if we are going to buy stuffs) but we went to Accent Micro for my Olympus camera. I was very full yesterday, we just eat here and eat there. All we had to do was to eat. We also did window shopping for a bicycle. Yes, because I badly need it for my exercise. You know, all I am doing is to face the computer without moving more. Well, I also do walking just a little but I found myself very lazy and can't find time for exercise. Honestly I have nothing interesting to write right now but my personal thoughts only. I am just writing random things.

The reason I went back to Accent Micro because of my camera or the memory card which I cannot access if I connect this to my computer. I am very sad right now because my pictures would be lost if they going to reformat it. Last Saturday, I just met my friends for a pizza party at Alberto's Pizza. I was going to blog it but I don't have the pictures. My friend has pictures because she also brought her camera but it is different if it's your own picture.

About the date with my partner, at lunch we ate at Mang Inasal. I was really hungry that I almost choked. This is one of our favorite restaurant for our food trip. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to take a snapshot because of the problem on my memory card. I also ate Indian mangoes in the street for Php10.00 for 3. At dinner, we went to food court so that we can choose variety of foods. I forgot which food stall we bought for a food.

As you can see, we really did not buy anything except food. We also did not went to watch a cinema. My partner and I are really saving money so all we have to enjoy is to spend the money for food. He saves because he wants to buy another cellphone, I save because I want to buy a bike, a laptop, and etc.


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