Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Xzootic Animal Park in Agape, Loay, Bohol

LOL, so I'm not yet done with my Bohol blog posts. From Baclayon Church, we went to Xzootic Animal Park found those exotic animals I rarely see in person.

If you could notice the pictures below, I am the only present because my cousins and sister were also busy taking their own snapshots because we have our own cameras (digicam/smartphones). lulz

with the tarsier

with my cousin Dora: she has bangs, i have none!

Still smiling while I was trapped by the snake's body

LOL, I NEVER DARED to touch the snake's skin. Scary!

First time to touch an iguana

Several pictures with the iguana

On my shoulder

Above my head

a beaver, first time to see Justin Beaver! :P

First time to see an Ostrich (two ostriches? am i correct with the plural term?) 
Up-close with the two ostriches

I really hated the smell here. It was a f*ck*ng bad smell so I vomited. Yikes! 

First time to see Ring-tailed cats
First time to see leopards
pose with the little leopard
I asked my sister to take a snapshot of me with this little leopard so I hurriedly smiled in front of the camera because I was afraid that it may get near me and leave a scar on my face or on my skin with its claws. Ahahaha!

So have you dared to touch those animals at Xzootic Animal Park? :)

Oh well, it was almost lunch at that time so we were excited to to eat at Loboc River Floating Restaurant so wait for my next post. :D

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