Friday, December 28, 2012

Highlights in 2012

I guess this will be my first time doing a review blog post on what was happening to me this year of 2012. Please bear with me if I'm not really good in doing this. The reason I'm writing this because I think there were lots of wonderful things happened to me this year.

  • I got my driver's license - I have a plan of getting my own motorbike but I still don't know when. Hehe!
  • Hanson Live in Cebu Concert  - my first ever concert I've watched in my entire life and it's international. ^__^ I was with a friend. Purchased tickets from Ensogo with a discount.
  • Grand Cosplay Ball - my first time to attend such event and it was extremely wicked! Yeah rock! \m/
  • Bohol Trip - my first time trip to Bohol and it was with relatives.
  • Watched David Cook Concert in Cebu - the second time I watched another concert and it's international again. Hahaha! With mom and sister this time, purchased tickets from Ensogo with discounts again. :D
  • First time at C2 Restaurant - together with boyfriend, a very expensive restaurant! O_o
  • Manila trip - my first time in Manila together with friends then went to my aunt's house for a visit.
  • Adventure Cafe in Balamban - my first time to do zipline, wall climb and rappel. That was really a great experience.
  • Enchanted Kingdom - the reason I went to Manila because I want to be young at heart for a moment. Oh yeah, this was a birthday treat for myself.
Again and again, I am really having a great year for 2012. Time is just really so fast. I am really hoping for another great things coming my way this 2013. Well, I still long live being a freelancer! ^____^

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