Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Enchanted Kingdom Experience

A trip to Manila was considered a birthday treat for myself, perhaps the most expensive. Well, it's quite late since it was on November 29 I left from Cebu. The reason I went to Manila is just to experience Enchanted Kingdom. LOL

On December 1, 2012, it was a weekend and there were a lot of people. Mostly were students because of their field trip wearing their PE Uniforms. Of course, it was a long weekend holiday and Christmas Season, families grabbed the opportunity to enjoy Enchanted Kingdom.

Dodgem - the usual bump car
Roller Skater - the smaller version of a roller coaster

I and Claire

Anchor's Away
Anchor's Away, I had a funny experience here. We were seating at the middle then I told claire, "Way chala man ni dinhi dapita, adto unta ta sa likod." (No challenge in this area, we should be seating at the back.) I was referring at the corner of the ship but then when it swayed side by side, my stomach was like something. Sorry I don't know the english translation of hiyak hahahaha! So everyone was shouting out loud and when it slowed down I said, "Di nako mousab." (I'll never do this again.) But you know, it was a great way to shout out your stress.

I and Claire at Anchor's Away

Jungle Log Jam
Jungle Log Jam was very exciting too. This was a refreshing ride then same feeling on my stomach. I also shouted out loud but I was afraid that the dirty water will enter to my mouth. I just shouted when the ride was calm. Mura jud kog pahong ani nga ride. (I looked silly for this ride.) Hahaha! Well, splashed with water but I dried up easily.

me at Jungle Log Jam

Roaming around

Rio Grande Rapids
Another wet ride but thank goodness I wasn't really that wet at all unlike other riders in the same ride.  The two students who were with us were soaking wet. I was singing Regine Velasquez's Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka then as always, shouting out loud. LOL 

Rio Grande Rapids

Rialto, never had the chance to try it because there were a lot of people. It would be a waste of time for us for the line and could not enjoy the other rides.

Wheel of Fate
Wheel of Fate, a very relaxing ride which you can see all the view when you're on top. I was shouting, "I'm the king of the world!" Of course, Claire and I took several pictures here. Hehe!

me at Wheel of Fate

Aerial view while at Wheel of Fate

Grand Carousel
Grand Carousel, this is my "DREAM RIDE" like I was on a fairy tale. I even saw two Korean teenagers with their automatic camera and had their Oppa Gangnam Style pose. 

It's time to do some Oppa Gangnam Style

Water fountains
If you could see, I was doing Sariling Sikap picture taking here because Claire was very tired already. Just to make this trip SULIT, I took some of the rides alone.

Water fountains

Flying Fiesta
The Flying Fiesta, the last ride for the event because at 6PM we were leaving. I was patiently waiting for 30 minutes. Here's a boring video below. :D

Grand Carousel at Night
Then here I took photos before we left. Claire was waiting for me already. :) I didn't complete all the rides because of the time. Hope I could go back there thinking of someone to bring and be able to complete the rides. LOL Space Shuttle would be awesome. 

Which ride you think the most awesome and exciting at Enchanted Kingdom?

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