Monday, December 31, 2012

My New Year's Resolution for 2013?

Few days earlier I could not think of a New Year's resolution. Just this morning, I realized that it could be TIME MANAGEMENT. Ah hope i can do it. My body clock sucks!
That was my Facebook status 11 hours ago. Honestly, I could not think of anything. Even though there may be some people dislike me with my attitude or personality, I don't want to change and announce it to the world as my New Year's Resolution. For me, it is not appropriate to say this and that. This is who I am and I enjoy being me. Huwag kang magsalita nang tapos. I can't commit something just to please everyone. What I have in mind is I just need to lessen those negative attitudes that I have.

Time Management is the only New Year's resolution that I have. My sleeping habit really sucks. As of the moment, it's 12:28 in the morning. I should be sleeping right now but I still chose to compose a blog.

Things got so busy lately because I was looking for several jobs online and fortunately I got hired with more than one client. Time management is really a must for me.

You can see some of my goals + to-do list here.

So, what would be your New Year's Resolution for 2013?


  1. Hi geng! I also made a resolution-ish blog post this morning. I call it My 2013 Action Plan for some reason though its not as elaborate as your to-do list.

  2. Just done reading your post gheng! would love to help you about the Ovarian Cancer Awareness Campaign :D



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