Tuesday, January 01, 2013

New Year Post

As of the moment, I have nothing to post because I am really sleepy right now. But I am thinking to dance with Xbox so that I'll get tired at night and sleep soundly. Just so you know, I slept at one o'clock in the morning after the New Year's countdown but able to wake up at 7 in the morning.

Simple preparations for Media Noche

with mom and sis at midnight

It turns out that I don't have enough sleep and chose to open my computers and work. I even did not take a bath. As my grandparents said, one who lacks sleep should not take a bath.

This post is such quite random. Anyway, I am trying to fulfill my New Year's Resolution which is about time management.

This is how I started my first day of January 2013, what's yours?


  1. Carbs and Cake for new year diay inyo xD

    1. ahahaha! mao ramay ma dali2 bon.



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