Tuesday, January 15, 2013

2 Days Make-Over

1st day of make-over
It was last Sunday I decided and went to Franzy Salon for a pedicure and my very first time for manicure. I really wanted a short haircut then some colored hair but my hair is dry so I need a hair treatment. I am now planning for a long hair. I am just really impatient with my hair and I really don't care having a bad hair day.

Hoping for a beautiful long hair LOL
Here are some of the pictures at Franzy Salon.

my first time for a nail art

nail art kit

pedicure with nail art

using a stamp for nail art
I treat myself for a Halo-halo

My first manicure ever with a manicurista
I got wounded on my left thumb because my skin is so thin and I realized that this will be my first and last. My skin is so sensitive. Okay, to tell you honestly, dili ko kubalon og kamot. How would I say this in English? Hahahaha! The manicurista asked me if I wash my own clothes or do some home chores and I said I don't. Anyway, I seldom wash my clothes and I avoid my hands to get wet because the whole time I am in front of the computer working. Oh, nice excuse!

with Butterfly design

my right hand
2nd day of make-over
Yesterday was Monday, I went to the city and went back to Hendy Mitchel Salon and Spa for a full-body massage. I used my last voucher I've purchased from Metrodeal. I used the first three vouchers with sis and mama. I haven't blogged about it because I was busy and prepared myself going to Manila.

I have no pictures because my Samsung Galaxy Y is now busted. After the massage, I went to SM City Cebu and looked for skin care clinic so that I could have my facial cleansing. I went to Let's Face It because they have the cheap basic facial cleansing for P245. Yes, I was inside ready for the treatment, creams and everything were on my face then suddenly my face reacted. My cheeks got red and was irritated. It was my first time for the treatment then the dermatologist decided to stop. So it was cancelled. 

I really have a sensitive skin and have lots of skin allergies. Tsk.

What are your ways of taking care of yourself?


  1. Hi geng... suya ko sa mani and pedi session. I so miss having my nails done but I'm not allowed due to my health condition. hehe

    we should take some time to pamper our selves. for now, i treat my self with salt milk bath and some facial mask session. i'll try to blog about it soon.

    1. Hehe! di nako mo usab manicure ke samad2 gyud. mopalit nalang kog nail polish ako lang mag manicure sa ako self. pero sa salon gyud ko magpa pedi.

      char naa sad daw ko facial churva regimen. i'm not yet confident to blog about it. hahaha!



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