Monday, October 15, 2012

Adam Levine on American Horror Story

I am really vocal how much I really like Adam Levine of Maroon 5. Oh yes, I have a crush on him. Just so you know, I am not really a fan of horror stories or movies and I wasn't even aware with the show American Horror Story. 

I just got an update from Maroon 5 fan page on Facebook that Adam Levine will be seen on the first 5 minutes of the trailer. Well, I was really excited and see how he acts. Oh gosh! He is really damn hot and sexy! 

Oh well, I told Adam about this (okay, I'm pertaining to my boyfriend now). He told me that he had seen the first season of American Horror Story because he had the dvd but I don't know if he still has it. He searched it on Youtube and even showed it to me what the first season was all about. 

In all fairness, AHS has the best cinematography. I am really keen to watch the episodes only for Adam Levine. LOL but of course, I won't watch it alone. I should have Adam by my side (either the boyfriend or the singer, both would be the best). Hahaha! Oh yes, how I wish!

So are you a fan of American Horror Story? And oh, what do you think about the video?

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