Sunday, February 24, 2013

Got PR1 For Simple Yet Rock

Since I changed this domain to .info, my PR or Page Rank went back to zero. I remember when it was I got PR 2, then PR1, and went to 0 and back to PR1. Actually, I really didn't care about Page Rank before but it did earn me some bucks for blog advertising which I write blog posts for several websites. It wasn't bad at all because this blog helped as my online portfolio. (To understand what Page Rank is, click here).

Then I got inspired to write informative posts although I have several and random personal blog posts. Also I decided to buy a domain for this which is This is my first blog but I first bought a domain of for my home-based business - my another online portfolio for graphic design skills. Unfortunately, I got no chance to update Fotografi Rox but business is still on going. I am just wishing that I could buy a DSLR camera to practice photography. :D

I blogged this because of superficial happiness! Hahaha! I realized that a .info domain is very slow to get some PR 1 or more. Unlike a .com with Fotografi Rox, I got PR 1 in just few months with updated posts.

Anyway, I am not really obsessed to get higher Page Rank but of course, I feel happy about it. All I love to do is to blog whatever is on my mind.

Happy blogging! <3 <3 <3

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