Monday, March 14, 2011

K-Pop Resto and Sports Bar - Night Life in Naga

Last Friday night on March 11, 2011, my mom invited for a night life.  Not in Mango but just here in our town (city?).  K-Pop Resto and Sports Bar opened that same night and it is owned by a Korean nationality.  If you've been in Naga Proper, the resto and sports bar is located at a rooftop in NLE Building where Mercury Drug Store can be found on the first floor.

K-Pop Resto & Sports Bar

From the rooftop: this is the highway going to South of Cebu.  You can see the Mercury Drug board.
From the rooftop: This is the sky walk.

My mom and sister.
Choosing a song to sing on the karaoke.
Sorry for the low quality
The area of the resto bar is very cool and has nice ambiance because of the overlooking view of the whole town.  It is not really disturbing to the neighborhood because it is on a rooftop so sound waves are just floating on air.  I had fun capturing the disco lights, more on Fotografi Rox for more photos.

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