Thursday, August 02, 2012

Buy 1 Take 1 Sofa Bed at Mandaue Foam

It was the last day of July when a friend on Facebook sent me a chat message about Buy 1 Take 1 sofa bed.  She asked me if I wanted to buy so that we could share half of the expenses. She gave me the website of Mandaue Foam. I was thinking and remembered that mom wanted to buy a double-deck which I did not like the idea in the first place.

I called my mom and let her see about the promo. Yesterday, we went to the nearest Mandaue Foam Showroom in our place which it is located in Pardo, Cebu.

Buy 1 Take 1 Sofa Bed

The reason I love sofa bed because of being a space saver.  Mom and I were enjoying inside the showroom which we could see a lot of furniture displayed around. Of course, everyone is dreaming of having a beautiful home with beautiful furniture, isn't it? 

Also, in the future I'll be having my own family and thinking to have our own house. I don't want a house that is too big. Actually, I love furniture window shopping because it already gives me the idea for the pricing and what to use for a small area.

Well, I just love buying my own stuff. ^__^

What do you think of sofa bed? Have you availed this promo from Mandaue Foam?

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