Thursday, April 12, 2012

Any Nice Prenup Pictorial Locations in Cebu and Manila?

Last Sunday, my friends and I went to a resort for a summer outing.  One of our friends announced that she will get married by the end of December.  Well, it is the very best time for her and her boyfriend because they are both stable, her boyfriend working as a seaman and she is a civil engineer.

She asked me for some suggestions if I could think of a place for prenup pictorials.  I know this is not easy as choosing bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts.  Hey, I am not an expert about weddings but I love this topic and also if it is my time to get married, then why not use and apply my own ideas? Well, it depends on my budget though.

Sometimes choosing unique wedding gifts really takes time especially when you are really keen of what to give to your special guests.  We have to look for a special gift for them and they should not be taken for granted.  Choosing a location for your prenup pictorials should not also be taken for granted.  If you want a wonderful memories of your prenup then choose the best location for the both of you.

I asked her what would be the theme of their prenup pictorials.  Her boyfriend wants something in the mountain like with an adventurous theme but she wants it to be on the beach.  Her boyfriend is trying to avoid the sea since whole year round he is always at the sea.

Well, I have seen that most of the couples are using the beach theme for the prenup pictorials.  Since I’ve been working for, it is nice to see some other blogs that I was able to get some ideas.  Before I could tell her my suggestions for the prenup pictorials, it is best for me to ask some ideas from my readers.

Could anyone suggest some nice prenup pictorial locations here in Cebu? How about in Manila? Please put on your comments below and help me about this matter. Thanks in advance. :)

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