Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Online SSS Payment through Metrobank

I just made a payment for my monthly SSS individual contribution through Metrobank Direct, an online banking portal of Metrobank.  I am really tired of going to SSS (Social Security System) office in Cebu which I need to wait for my (very long) queue.  Although I pay my contributions in bulk for about every six months, still it is a very hassle task.

Metrobank website

Being an online worker, I want my transactions to be also online especially on paying my dues for less hassle.  Since I have 3-4 bank accounts, I called each bank if they have this service where we could pay SSS contributions online.  Luckily, I am so happy that Metrobank has this service but I still need to enroll my account for their online banking system.  I needed to go the city where my Metrobank branch is located and filled-up some necessary documents they need.

It is just this April 10, 2012 I made the transaction although I have made a mistake.  The payment should be for April 2012 or 042012 but I entered 032012 (March 2012). In fact I have already paid from January to March 2012.  I just hope that Metrobank will sort things out. I already sent an e-mail earlier to them.

Of course, I also asked if I can also pay my Pag-ibig individual contribution online but Metrobank said they are still working on it.  I just hope that they could also offer the service as soon as possible.

To know more other banks that accept SSS online payments, check here.  For now, only BancNet member banks accept this kind of service.  Metrobank is also a BancNet member.

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