Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Electronic Keyboard - Learning a Musical Instrument

I just want to share to you my childhood dream and that is to play the piano.  I was really unfortunate then that my parents could not afford to enroll me for a piano lesson.  I think I was three or four years old that I was really dreaming to be a successful pianist. I have a neighbor who teaches for a piano lesson and who happens to be my mentor when I entered a choral group when I was in elementary.  Anyway, I must say an electronic keyboard is an expensive musical instrument.

Last week, Adam and I met at SM City Cebu and bought on the spot an electronic keyboard.  He was really shocked with my decision because I didn't tell him ahead.  The original plan was to window shop for an electronic keyboard but the lady who was selling the keyboards told us that she wasn't sure if there was still on stock within that week.

I am into self-learning.  I make use of the internet and looked for piano lesson online.  So far, I am able to play Brother John, London Bridge and Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.  Haha I'm so sorry for being so noobs but it's not too late to learn, eh? I just need to practice more.

What pushed me to buy an electronic keyboard is because I was inspired after the Hanson Shout It Out Tour Concert in Cebu.  I just love how Taylor Hanson play with it and he is really sexy.  I don't know but I really find a guy pianist really sexy. :D

I never blamed my parents that they weren't able to support my interest on playing the piano.  I understand them and now that I have enough money to buy this expensive musical instrument then it's time to pursue this dream.  Anyway, we don't know that in the near future I'll be having a kid who will like to be a pianist and having this electronic keyboard could be an early investment. ^___^

Of course, I just want to do something new for myself and that is to learn a musical instrument.

So what was your childhood dream? Have you able to fulfill it?

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