Thursday, October 31, 2013

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - My First Ever International Trip

After my four days trip in Siquijor-Dumaguete-Manila last June 2013, my friends and I were foolishly thinking about an international trip discussed on Facebook. We were so noisy as if we had the money already. I have my own passport but I had no intention of going out of the country too soon.

at the Kuala Lumpur City Gallery
We were talking about Malaysia - Truly Asia as if we were so sure about it. But it was just an idea until Tata told me about a certain deal on Metrodeal which I found very affordable. I went to Cebu Pacific site and they had a 99 or 199 base fare promo and calculated the possible fee for the trip.

Since Tata did not have enough money at that time, I was thinking of another person who was likely interested for the Malaysia trip. So there it was, Ernhez, a blogger friend. I remembered that we were talking about a possible trip in Singapore but it is an expensive trip and it is hard to find an airfare promo. Good thing, Ernhez got excited with Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia because of the Petronas Towers.

at Batu Caves
I was able to book a flight on July 1 for us with a convenient schedule for him since he is a student of medicine. We chose the date that would not interfere his exams. My schedule is very flexible since I am an online worker and I have the freedom to bring it anywhere. During the entire trip, I was fortunate that I was not thinking about work but a real vacation. Yes and that was the best time ever happened in my life.

Funny fact: I never asked any permission from my parents about the international trip, I just told them right after I completely booked all my flight and hotel. They had no more reasons to disagree with the trip because it was already paid. Fortunately, they were supportive about it.

My first international trip was not easy because our flight was rescheduled on the next day from our original departure date so I insisted with Cebu Pacific that we had to be in Malaysia on September 21. Our flight was adjusted and we had to be early in the morning from Cebu to Manila then Manila to Malaysia in the afternoon. Our original flight should be from Cebu to KL, Malaysia sometime at 3 PM with 3-4 hours of air travel.

KL, Malaysia Photo Collage

We arrived in NAIA Terminal 3 at 10 in the morning and had our brunch at Burger King. No worries because it has Wi-Fi so we were able to post pictures on Instagram, tweet on Twitter, checked-in on Foursquare with instant connect on Facebook while waiting for our next flight at 2:10 in the afternoon.

We were so relaxed that we never thought about the immigration. We became tense because we were truly late with our flight. Come to think of it, the immigration asked me several things about my work, how do I get paid and stuff. I even showed all my government IDs until the last resort was my credit card. Wasn't it embarrassing that my name was announced at the airport? Not only that, we were running very fast just to catch the plane from Gate 115. Woah, that was challenging!

We arrived safely in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia almost at 5PM. The feeling was wonderful because I was able to witness diversified people and culture in one country. I was amazed that Malaysia is really a big country and I must say Malaysia is Truly Asia. My whole experience in Malaysia is indescribable and I cannot put these into writing. I have several good things to say about Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Yes, I'll put it on my travel blog at which I started on blogging about the budget and itinerary.

I was able to blog during our last day at Blogging in KLIA, Malaysia.

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