Monday, June 25, 2012

4D MaxRider at SM City Cebu

I just had fun with my cousin Sara Jane and her friend Mirian today.  I was invited to go with them at SM City Cebu.  Good thing, I have a flexible time with my online job so I still have time to go around places. By the way, these girls are half-Filipino and half-Norwegian.

Sara Jane and Mirian
Sara Jane is a first degree cousin of mine.  Her mom and my mom are sisters.  Mirian is a childhood friend of Sara and her mom is from Leyte. ^___^ Mirian can speak Cebuano so in a way we can understand each other. By the way, here is Sara Jane's blog.  She loves to blog, too.

I just let them choose and I just go with the flow.
The 4D MaxRider is worth P120 each person.  It has a maximum capacity for 6 persons.  You can opt for a second ride and it will cost P60.

Roxanne, Mirian and Sara Jane
No flash please: Roxanne, Sara Jane, Mirian
We were screaming like crazy inside and laughing hard.  I felt a headache while screaming and I think it was because of the 4D screen.

Inside the MaxRider - I had the chance to take a snapshot before it started.

Amazon for the next ride
It was our first time and we really had fun.  Mirian said that it is better than the real thing because it is safe.  Yeah, better than the real roller coaster ride.  I must agree. 

So have you tried the 4D MaxRider? Do you want to try it again with your friends?

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