Saturday, June 16, 2012

My Sun Sim is Dead :'(

I can't go back to sleep because I am so worried with my Sun sim.  I just found out earlier that there is no word SUN appeared on the screen of my dual sim phone.  I was alarmed to see it's dead.

GLOBE on SIM1, SUN should be on SIM2
As far as I could remember, I loaded my Globe and Sun sims last May 19 for P10 each (combo 10 for Sun) just to retain the sims' activation.  I religiously load it every month since I got a new phone with a postpaid line.  I got a list of dates: Jan 29, Feb 25, Mar 20, Apr 17 and the last was May 19.  I should load my sims before the month ends.  I seldom use this phone but I always have it wherever I go together with the other phone.  My last received call was on May 26 and I received several messages last June 13. How come it is dead after three days?

I know that Sun sim is very cheap but the contact number has sentimental value to me since we have the same number with my boyfriend except with the last digit.  His number ends in 2 and mine ends in 0. He also has a dual sim phone, a Globe sim and another phone with the same brand as mine.

I really don't know why is this happening to my Sun sim since I loaded it last month and used it for call and text. Here is the Terms and Conditions I found on Sun Cellular's website. Source here.

An account with no Sun Cellular prepaid load for a continuous period of one hundred twenty (120) days shall result in the permanent disconnection of the SIM card.

See? A Sun cellular sim will be deactivated when there is no prepaid load within 4 months. But how come my Sun sim is dead when in fact I loaded it last month?

Is there any chance I could revive my SIM? Anyone has this same experience? How did you retrieve it?

Update: It's a miracle! My SUN sim is now alive! That weird!

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