Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Dolly Kei Fashioniztas

First and foremost, I am not really into Dolly Kei fashion because it's Arcel and Jacqui who introduced me to this fashion. Dolly Kei fashion originates in Japan but clothes and some accessories can be found from your grandmother's old wardrobe or shall we say vintage.

If you have seen some European dolls then we can get inspiration from it.  The clothes and accessories of Dolly Kei fashion are really western.  You can also get inspiration from fairy tales of the Grimm brothers.  Good thing that this is really suitable for all body types.

Jacqui in Gothic-Victorian

Roxanne in Flirty/Gypsy

Arcel in classic Victorian
What we love is that we were wearing different personalities. I appreciate dolly kei for not being so strict on the rules on how to wear it.

Anyway, I am really interested of the street fashion emerged in Japan right now.  But the question is, have we rocked Dolly Kei fashion?

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