Saturday, June 30, 2012

Random Blogging #1 - Bored!

I miss blogging like this.  I remember I used to blog like this when I was a beginner of this blogging world.  I have nothing to blog about because there are no exciting moments happening to me right now or happened in the past few days.  I really don't mind if there are people reading to this post. Oh well, there is a picture of me below, BORED!

I am just doing my online job, the usual thing I do everyday, nothing new! I just received a payment from my client in New York, USA.  What I am just doing a while ago was that I am reading blogs, more on personal blogging perhaps like what they were doing in a day or so.  Actually, I love reading those kind of blogs, just reading a glimpse about their lives.

By the way, I just have this app for my Samsung Galaxy Y phone.  I was biking around Naga to sweat around.

Since this is my first post for Random Blogging, expect more random blogs to come.

What do you blog when you have nothing to blog about?

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