Sunday, July 01, 2012

Using an iPad and a Netbook

Few days ago, I was able to use an iPad and just borrowed it from my cousin because she is using my netbook for blogging.  While using the iPad, I opened my Facebook account, Twitter, reading my blogs and other blogs.  You know, just a simple web browsing.

As I was using it for few minutes to an hour, I got bored because I can't do the things what I love to do on my netbook MSI Wind 100 Plus.  It has the same function with my Samsung Galaxy Y, an android phone. But the advantage of the iPad, it has a wider screen.

An iPad is more fun to use when you put game apps.  An iPad is meant for entertainment although you can still use it for business presentation.

I can't do my online job with an iPad.  I still prefer using my netbook.  In my part, an iPad is a disadvantage for me.  iPad is very expensive and not a good investment as of the moment.  Maybe I'll going to buy it when it gets cheaper, for entertainment only. I mean real, real, real, cheap!

So which do you prefer, an iPad or a Netbook?

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