Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hinagdanan Cave in Panglao Island, Bohol

Hi there! So I am still blogging for our Bohol trip.  We went to Hinagdanan Cave that early morning.  I think it was my first time to went inside a cave.  The cave has a deep lagoon and it is naturally lighted because of the holes in the ceiling.  Limestone is made of Hinagdanan Cave and it has large stalactites and stalagmites.

Hinagdanan Cave

Actually we really had fun inside the cave because of the two or three guys who curated us about the cave.  Although their lines or dialogues were all scripted, they made us laugh.  Indeed, they really entertained us.

Sara Jane, Manang Precy and me

Sorry for the blurry pics but what is important is our background for us to see the view inside the Hinagdanan Cave.

Actually, it was totally dark inside but because of the holes, the light of the sun got in through and had a nice effect.

After few minutes to an hour, we had the chance to take a group picture of us. ^_^

So, please wait for our next stop. Hehehe! I will blog next about going to the monument of the Blood Compact in Tagbilaran City. :)

What's your experience here in Hinagdanan Cave?


  1. just looking at it I know how slippery and adventurous thing you did. I know I will also enjoy cave hopping..who knows I might find my prince in there lol...:D

  2. @mavic cantes: hahaha LOL. yeah it was slippery and some of us were wearing skirts so we had to be careful. :)



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