Monday, July 02, 2012

Ensogo Purchase: David Cook Concert Live in Cebu

David Cook will be having a concert here in Cebu and I just purchased my vouchers at Ensogo for the concert.  This will be my second time to watch a concert.  The first was the Hanson concert.

Waah! Ensogo is really tempting to purchase more.  The concert will be on July 15, 2012.  He is the American Idol season 7 winner and my mom really loves to watch American Idol on TV so I will treat her.

You can purchase a voucher through here.


  1. @jane brown: LOL at you! you are such a HATER. don't pretend you're Jane Brown because you are a person from Cebu, Philippines. I know you knew me that's why you hate me that much. :P

    But sorry to say, it's not a scam.

    oh, anyway. just a proof I have watched the Hanson Concert :P

  2. ok ra na girl, sagdi.i na ang mga nasuya, kay dli sila ka afford.. hehehe

    1. kanang nag name og Jane Brown sige lang na xa ilis og email address og alias ke luoy tawn kaayo wa na ka bawos nako. ari lang na xa sa ako blog. hahaha desperado man na xa.



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