Saturday, July 14, 2012

My First Tibiao Fish Spa Experience

Last week of July 5, as I have mentioned from my previous blog post here, Sara Jane, Liv Malin, Angeli and I tried the Tibiao Fish Spa at SM City Cebu.  Actually we did this after the 4D MaxRider since Liv Malin and Angeli haven't tried it.

Since it was our first time, we were so noisy then because the fishes on our feet tickled us.  We kept on laughing and some people were amused at us.  After that, we were getting used with the fish and we were relaxed and had a chat.

Here's a video I uploaded on my Facebook.

First, we have to wash our feet before dipping in the fish tank.

my cousin Sara Jane and I

Sara Jane's niece Liv Malin and my sister Angeli

My feet
We paid PhP199.00 for a 30 minutes classic fish spa + 5 minutes foot massage + tea. I think this is the Enhance Me package and they have two other packages which are the Rejuvenate Me and Pamper Me.  By the way, you can also move to another fish tanks since you can choose the small, medium and large fishes but we only stayed on the small and medium fishes.

Massage for 5 minutes
After we were done with the fish spa, we proceeded to the massage area. Indeed our feet were really rejuvenated.  It feels good because my feet becomes smooth and relaxed.  Actually until now, I love my feet because I don't have the usual roughness of my skin.

I told my mom our experience at the Tibiao Fish Spa and she was kind of jealous. She really wanted to try fish spa because of her callus.  It was unfortunate for her that she was at home that time.  But I told her that I will treat her.  Oh yes, I have an idea... it will be after the facial cleansing soon. :D

Oh yes, definitely will try again the Tibiao Fish Spa

Thinking, do they still have that 20% discount or free fish spa for someone's birthday?

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