Tuesday, July 17, 2012

David Cook Concert Live in Cebu Experience

Last Sunday night, we went to Cebu Waterfront Lahug Hotel to experience and to see David Cook live in concert.  For three people, I only spent PhP1,800 for the Bronze ticket which the original price was PhP1,000 each.  I thank Ensogo for discounted purchases.


VFort as the Front Act performer
The boy band VFort was the front act performer that night and performed their carrier single "Prinsesa." My comment to the guy with the yellow inner and maroon jacket: he really has a nice voice and girls were screaming for him.

took some picture before David Cook performs

After the front act, people are waiting for David Cook
David Cook on the big screen

Here's the video I uploaded on Facebook

David Cook has sense of humor and he is cute! Anyway, when the show ended I was like bitin or should I say I wasn't fulfilled with the concert because it seems like it ended very fast. I just said, "Mao ra to? Way lain? (That's all? No more?)" I was waiting for the crowd to shout, "One More!" but no one did it.  Unlike with the Hanson concert, when they already left the stage, the crowd shouted for one more and Hanson came back on the stage.  They performed one more song just to fulfill the the request of the crowd.

Still, I am looking for attending a third international concert in Cebu Waterfront Lahug Hotel and as long as Ensogo is still offering a discounted concert tickets. ^___^

We enjoyed the night and mom is really happy to see David Cook in person.

Have you enjoyed the concert of David Cook?


  1. mao same jud ta bitin kaau, pero ok ra dghan man sd cya nkanta. luoy sd f mgdungag pa gud kay g.kap0y na cya kanta. hehehe. la ta nagkakta miss, hehehe

    1. sa right side ka dapit? naa man pud mi sa right side. hehehe. murag dali ra keu ang oras ke murag 9pm na baya to sila nag start ay. :)



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